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How much does it cost to play?


It costs $6 per person ($4 for kids 10 and under) to come and play as many games as you want for as long as you want. If you want to do one of our Escape Rooms it costs $25 per person ($20 for kids 10 and under) plus you get free admission to play games in the board game section.



I don't like games so why would I visit you?

We believe there's a game for everyone. With over 700 games to choose we bet we can find something that you will like. Don't worry about reading rules, there are hundreds of games we know the rules to already and would love to teach you how to play.

What kind of games do you have? 


With our ever growing selection of games, we have something for everyone. We have party games, trivia games, family games, kids games, strategy games and games that I don't even know what category to put them in.



Are you licensed?


Yes we are licensed. We sell all kinds of fun drinks including local mead from Pollen Angels, local beer from Grimross, Graystone and Picaroons. We also have Cocktails and other tasty drinks.


I'm underage. Does that mean I have to come with my parents?


Ditch the family and come with friends. We have a special license that allow minors to come into the cafe without the need of adult supervision. You're welcome.


So can you bring a family here?


Yes we are family friendly. 


Do you guys sell board games?


Yes we do. In fact we carry games that you're just not going to find at the big box stores. We have hundreds of titles to choose from.


When you guys are doing a special event can I still just drop in and play a game?


Usually yes. Your best bet is to call us in advance if you know we are having an event (like Trivia Night) to see if we are fully booked up.


Hey I love your food, but I don't feel like playing games today. Do I really have to pay the $6 cover just to eat all your fantastic food?


Hey we get it. Sometimes you just want to nom nom.  If you just want to come in and grab a bite to eat then be on your merry way we won't charge you for the cover. We're not monsters!

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