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The Legendary Asia map has ferry routes, similar to the Europe version, but also adds the new mountain route element. To claim these mountain routes players must discard an additional train piece to the mountain crossing area for an additional 2 points. The bonus in this version is 10 points for the player who connects the most cities together via connected routes and branches.The Team Asia map is design for 4 or 6 players divided into 2 or 3 teams of two players. With the addition of 9 trains per color, each team has 54 trains split equally between the two members, 27 each. Teammates sit next to each other and play sequentially. Each player has his or her own train cards and destination tickets, but each team also has an additional set of shared train cards and destination tickets placed in a common holder so both members can see them. Teammates are not allowed to discuss game play or strategy between themselves, but must try to complete their personal hand to claim a route.

Ticket To Ride: Asia (expansion)

SKU: 824968117736
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