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Not Your Normal Trivia

Do you like Trivia? Do you like seeing a man dressed as a superhero host trivia? Do you like winning awesome prizes? Then Not Your Normal Trivia Night is for you. Read our simple FAQ about what makes our trivia not so normal.

What makes you different than other trivia nights? I'm a buff and need to be impressed.

Fantastic question! We play a dozen rounds of trivia and each one plays differently. We base each round off of a different style trivia game that we have at the cafe (we are a board game cafe after all). This adds a ton of variety to the experience and makes the game more enjoyable!

How many people can I have on a team? Can I bring more than the limit?

That's two quesitons friend. Your team can be anywhere between 4 and 6 people. If you want to bring more people you can do that you just lose a percentage of your points at the end of the night. You can even have less than 4 people, it just makes it harder to win. (no bonus points for smaller teams)

What does this cost????

Not that much. It's only $7 per person (This includes the $5 cover charge to the cafe). This fee helps to offset the cost of making the trivia event/prizes and game donations that we make to local schools and Hospitals.

What are the prizes? 

The prizes are pretty fantastic. We have a bunch of local businesses partner up with us so we can give you trivia buffs a chance to win cool stuff. On top of those prizes we have our core prizes from the cafe. Ranging from free admission to $100 giftcards. 

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